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Key IPO Launches: A Dynamic Week Ahead

As Diwali celebrations conclude and market holidays come to an end, Indian investors gear up for an action-packed week featuring four significant initial public offerings (IPOs). The spotlight falls on Gandhar Oil Refinery India, Fedbank Financial Services, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), and the highly anticipated Tata Technologies IPO.

Regulatory Approval Fuels IPO Momentum

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has greenlit IPO launches for Fedbank Financial Services, IREDA, EPACK Durable, and Suraj Estate Developers. These companies, having submitted preliminary IPO papers between July and September, received observation letters from SEBI between October 30 and November 10, signaling the regulatory nod for their IPO debuts.

Post-Diwali IPO Surge: Factors at Play

Analysts foresee a bustling IPO market post-Diwali for two primary reasons. Firstly, impending state elections with voting underway and results expected by December 3 create a push for companies to finalize their IPOs before potential market impacts from the political landscape. Secondly, with general elections scheduled for April and May 2024, companies aim to secure SEBI clearances and initiate offerings by February or March.

Gandhar Oil Refinery India IPO Details

The Gandhar Oil Refinery India IPO is set to open for subscription on Tuesday, November 21, with a closing date of Thursday, November 23. The IPO comprises a fresh issue of shares and an offer for sale (OFS) with a face value of ₹2. The net proceeds will be allocated for various purposes outlined in the Draft Red Herring Prospectus, including investments, capital expenditure, and working capital requirements.

IREDA IPO: Price Band and Subscription Details

The IREDA IPO, priced between ₹30 to ₹32 per equity share, opens on Tuesday, November 21, and concludes on Thursday, November 23. The floor price is set at three times the face value, with the lot size at 460 equity shares.

In summary, the upcoming IPO launches promise an exciting week for Indian investors, marking a continuation of the robust IPO activity witnessed this year.


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