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The government disputes claims that it spent 300% more on the G20: The development of infrastructure

The administration allegedly spent 300% more than what was budgeted for the G20, according to claims made by Congress and Trinamool.

The government refuted Trinamool leader Saket Gokhale’s latest assertion on the G-20 that the budget allotted for the summit had been 300% overrun. The PIB fact-checking team determined that the allegation is false because other infrastructure projects, in addition to hosting the G20 conference, have also received funding.

The Trinamool leader stated on Monday, citing reports, that the last Union Budget included 990 crore towards hosting the G20 conference. But in reality, the government spent 4,100 crore. The Trinamool politician wrote, “Why shouldn’t BJP be made to pay this extra 3110 cr considering it was clearly non-essential spending solely for Modi’s self-advertisement & personal PR for 2024 elections.”

The Congress raised it as well and criticized PM Modi for going over budget for his “show off.” “To boost his image before the Lok Sabha election, PM Modi paid additional money to have his posters put up. The silver and gold-plated tableware was part of the extravagant arrangements PM Modi made for the guests while concealing the city’s impoverished, according to the Congress film.

The two-day G-20 summit in Delhi, which marked the end of India’s year-long G-20 leadership, was decorated to welcome the heads of state from around the world. The summit’s unanimous agreement on the leaders’ declaration from New Delhi made it a success for India’s presidency.

Saket Gokhale stated there was flooding at the summit site on Sunday, the second day of the summit in Delhi. The situation of the infrastructure is THIS after spending 4,000 crores. How much of the G20’s $4000 billion was stolen by the Modi government? Tweets from Gokhake. Only minimal waterlogging in the open regions was observed following heavy rain, according to the PIB, and it was quickly cleared. The PIB asserted that there was no flooding.


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