You are currently viewing Women’s Reservation Bill, 2023, is approved by the Lok Sabha.

Women’s Reservation Bill, 2023, is approved by the Lok Sabha.

The Lok Sabha has passed the Women’s Reservation Bill, 2023, which mandates 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and state assemblies. The bill had received clearance from the Union Cabinet earlier in the week.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah called on all political parties to support the bill, emphasizing the government’s commitment to women’s safety, dignity, and equal participation. He noted that the bill had been presented in Parliament four times previously without success and urged all political parties to unite in its support.

Rahul Gandhi supported the bill but also mentioned the need for an OBC (Other Backward Classes) quota. He stated that Panchayati Raj was a significant step in transferring power to women, and the Women’s Reservation Bill was another such step.

Amit Shah responded to demands for an OBC quota by stating that those advocating for it had never had a Prime Minister from the OBC community. He stressed the importance of supporting the bill as a matter of women’s respect and suggested that any necessary rectifications could be made in the future.

The legislation is set to take effect after the redrawing of Lok Sabha constituencies, which will occur following the upcoming population census.


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