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TRAI Seeks Public Input to Enhance Smartphone Affordability for Digital Inclusion in India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is actively working to make smartphones more affordable in India, aiming to promote digital inclusion across the country. In a bid to gather valuable insights, TRAI has invited public comments on ways to enhance smartphone affordability.

Focus of TRAI’s Consultation Paper

TRAI’s consultation paper, titled “Digital Inclusion in the Era of Emerging Technologies,” primarily examines the effectiveness of the government’s initiatives, particularly its emphasis on boosting domestic smartphone manufacturing, in reducing smartphone prices in India. The paper also delves into strategies for ensuring that digital devices and connectivity become more accessible to citizens, empowering them to fully embrace the advantages of an inclusive digital society.

Key Points Considered

Within the consultation paper, TRAI highlights two critical aspects: smartphone financing and the viability of second-hand smartphones in India. It expresses concerns about the rapid advancement of technology, the introduction of 5G services, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. TRAI emphasizes that, unless these technologies are made affordable and accessible to marginalized communities and underserved regions, there is a risk of exacerbating the existing digital divide.

Addressing Inequities in Digital Inclusion

TRAI underscores the importance of addressing inequalities in digital inclusion, which can arise due to uneven access to infrastructure, limited digital literacy, and affordability challenges. The authority recognizes that these issues must be resolved to ensure comprehensive digital inclusion and to prevent disparities from widening further.

Deadline for Public Participation

To gather diverse perspectives and recommendations, TRAI has set a deadline of October 16 for the submission of comments and October 31 for counter-comments on the consultation paper.


TRAI’s proactive approach in seeking public input reflects its commitment to bridging the digital divide and making digital technologies more accessible to all segments of the Indian population. The insights gathered from this initiative will likely play a pivotal role in shaping policies aimed at fostering digital inclusion in the country.


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