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Ageas Federal Life Insurance Introduces Super Cash Plan

Ageas Federal Life Insurance (AFLI) has unveiled the ‘Ageas Federal Life Insurance Super Cash Plan,’ a non-linked, participating savings plan designed for retail customers. This plan offers a unique blend of immediate liquidity and financial stability, making it an attractive choice for individuals looking for a reliable source of income and financial protection.

Benefits for Financial Security

The Super Cash Plan offers immediate liquidity, providing regular income that can commence as early as the first month of the policy, depending on the policyholder’s chosen returns schedule. Additionally, the plan features guaranteed boosters at the end of every fifth policy year to enhance savings. Policyholders will also receive a lump-sum maturity benefit upon completion of the policy term.

Key Features of the Super Cash Plan

The plan includes several features to enhance its appeal, including:

  1. Save The Date: Policyholders have the flexibility to defer Survival Benefit payouts to a chosen special date.
  2. Uninterrupted Income Benefit (UIB): An optional benefit that waives future premiums in the event of the life assured’s unfortunate demise. The nominee receives a lump-sum benefit, and policy benefits continue as scheduled.
  3. Premium Offset: Another optional benefit that allows policyholders to utilize survival benefits to offset premiums due during the premium payment term.
  4. Exclusive Benefits for Females: Female purchasers receive an increase of up to 12% on the sum assured on maturity, depending on the premium payment term, as part of efforts to promote life insurance among women.
  5. Rebate on High Sum Assured or Premium: Policyholders may receive additional benefits, especially if the annualized premium exceeds Rs. 3 lakh.

The Super Cash Plan from Ageas Federal Life Insurance is designed to cater to various life stages, helping individuals with regular expenses, building a corpus for life goals, and facilitating regular savings. Additionally, it offers potential tax savings on premiums paid and benefits received, making it a comprehensive financial solution.

Disclaimer: The information provided is based on a press release by Ageas Federal Life Insurance. It is essential to read the offer document carefully and consult a financial advisor before purchasing any insurance policy.


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