You are currently viewing According to estimates, switching to Bharat might cost India a staggering Rs 14,000 crore.

According to estimates, switching to Bharat might cost India a staggering Rs 14,000 crore.

There are speculations that the Special Session of Parliament called by the government later this month may discuss or table the proposal of changing India’s name to Bharat for all official purposes.

The Narendra Modi administration’s decision to rename India as Bharat has generated much publicity as a result of the G20 dinner invitations that President Droupadi Murmu sent out referring to herself as “President of Bharat.” According to several reports, the government used the phrase “Prime Minister of Bharat” in official correspondence while Modi was in Greece last month. ‘Bharat’ is also written on the identification cards of the employees of the G20 meeting.

A recent article claims that the choice to leave India for Bharat will cost the national exchequer a significant amount of money, despite the fact that there have been several rumors and there has been no official confirmation or denial as of yet. The Outlook reported that the switch from “India to Bharat” will cost an astounding Rs 14,304 crore. According to the study, the calculations were made using a model created by IP attorney Darren Olivier.

The model was developed by a South African-based legal expert when estimating the expense of Swaziland’s 2018 decision to change its name to Eswatini. The expense of renaming the nation, according to Oliver, is very comparable to the rebranding effort of a major corporation.

However, if a company decides to rebrand, it will likely cost about 10% of the company’s overall marketing budget. Oliver has estimated that the Swaziland to Eswatini rebranding project would have cost $60 million in 2018.

The same method was used to analyze India in the Outlook report. According to the Outlook research, using the Oliver method would cost a staggering Rs 14,304 crore, which is based on India’s projected fiscal revenue receipts for 2023 (Rs 23.84 lakh crore).

There are rumors that the idea to rename India to Bharat for all official purposes may be discussed or put on the agenda of the special session of Parliament that the government has convened for later this month.


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