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FSSAI Summons KFC Over Use of Unauthorized Chemical for Oil Cleaning

THOOTHUKUDI: After receiving magnesium silicate-synthetic (MSS) from a KFC outlet, Thoothukudi FSSAI, issued a summons to the KFC Indian headquarters in Mumbai. The summons were also served on the KFC licensee of the Thoothukudi outlet, at KFC’s material godown in Tiruppur and a nominee from KFC’s Mumbai office directing them to appear before the designated officer of FSSAI on July 8. Also, an MSS manufacturer in Delhi and a packing unit situated in Telangana were called for investigation on July 15.

KFC’s Statement

In response to this, KFC India said, “KFC India follows strict business practices that meet international standards. Reputed suppliers are used to source high-quality oil and chicken. All the guidelines and policies set by the FSSAI and other related authorities have been implemented. Magnesium Silicate is used as a clarifying agent which the FSSAI approves and hence KFC chicken is safe for consumption after the cooking process.

Inspection and Findings

According to Dr. Mariappan who is the Food Safety Designated Officer, the outlet was audited because the amount of used oil that was being sent from the outlet to the authorized biodiesel dealers was reducing. The outlet was reclaiming only 100 liters of oil per month, although it was using 1,350 to 1,500 liters of refined edible vegetable oil per month. This disparity prompted a study on how used oil was being handled. It was observed that MSS was employed in the process of either brightening or washing used oil, contrary to FSSAI regulation.

Regulatory Violations

Dr. Mariappan said that MSS is allowed in foods but only in specified foods such as salt and in manufacturing industries, not in the service industries such as restaurants. The regulations provided under the FSSAI do not permit any additives for the used oil to be purified or given a polished look. Food safety laws do not permit the use of re-refined or recycled used edible oils.


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