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Nepal Banned Everest and MDH Spices Following Hong Kong and Singapore.

Quality Concerns Prompt Action

Nepal’s Department of Food Technology and Quality has banned imports of several spice products from India’s MDH and Everest brands after finding evidence of contamination with ethylene oxide, a chemical that is harmful to health. The products that have been banned include MDH madras curry powder, sambhar mixed masala powder, mixed masala curry powder, and Everest fish curry masala. This decision comes on the heels of similar decisions made by Hong Kong and Singapore to ban the sale and importation of these spices due to quality concerns.

Implications and Measures

The ban has led to Nepalese importers and traders being directed to remove these products from the market. The regulatory body is keen on the need for safe food and high consumer protection standards. The contamination has created a lot of health concerns which has necessitated the need to take action to avoid the risks associated with these products.

Regional Impact

The ban in Nepal reflects a trend of increased concern in the region over the quality of imported spices. There is also a higher demand for quality in the spice production industry as neighboring countries continue to impose strict regulations. MDH and Everest spice companies in India are now facing the challenge of eliminating contamination issues to regain the trust of consumers and access to international markets.


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