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Government Allows Aadhaar Enrolment via Iris Scan for Those Without Fingerprints

In a recent development, the government announced that individuals eligible for Aadhaar can now enroll using iris scans if fingerprints are unavailable. This decision was prompted by the case of Josymol P Jose in Kerala, who faced difficulties enrolling for Aadhaar due to the absence of fingers. Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, ensured Jose’s enrolment by instructing the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to visit her home and generate her Aadhaar number using alternate biometrics.

The advisory issued to Aadhaar Service Kendras emphasizes that individuals like Jose, with blurred fingerprints or similar disabilities, should receive Aadhaar by utilizing alternate biometrics. Eligible persons who cannot provide fingerprints may enroll using only iris scans, and vice versa. If an individual cannot provide both finger and iris biometrics, they can still enroll without submitting either, with the available information captured along with highlighting the missing biometrics.

The enrolment process involves capturing the name, gender, address, date, and year of birth of the person, along with available biometrics. A photograph is taken to signify the unavailability of fingers or iris, and the Supervisor at the Aadhaar enrolment center validates such exceptional enrolments. The government emphasizes issuing Aadhaar numbers to every eligible person undergoing enrolment, regardless of biometric limitations. UIDAI has already enrolled approximately 29 lakh individuals with missing fingers or an inability to provide finger or iris biometrics through exceptional enrolment procedures, averaging 1,000 enrollments daily.


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