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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Expands 24×7 Operations for Commercial Establishments

In a significant move, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has granted approval for an additional 83 shops and commercial establishments in the city to operate round the clock. Pending approval from the lieutenant governor, these businesses are poised to join the existing 635 establishments operating 24 hours, marking a substantial increase in the city’s vibrant economic landscape.

Government Oversight for Compliance

The government asserts its commitment to closely monitor these establishments, ensuring strict adherence to regulations. Stringent actions will be taken against any violations to maintain a balance between economic growth and regulatory compliance. This proactive approach aims to foster a business-friendly environment while upholding standards.

Economic Boost and Employment Opportunities

The decision to extend operational hours is not only anticipated to bolster the local economy but also to generate fresh employment opportunities, particularly for the youth. By allowing businesses to function around the clock, the government envisions a positive impact on job creation and economic development.

Delhi Shops and Establishment Act: Streamlined Application Process

Under the purview of the Delhi Shops and Establishment Act, 122 individuals expressed their keen interest in running businesses 24 hours a day. The city’s labor department diligently examined the applications and associated documents, ensuring a streamlined process in accordance with regulatory requirements.

This strategic move by the Delhi government underscores its commitment to fostering a dynamic and thriving business environment, aligning with the changing demands and preferences of the city’s residents.


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