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Survey Reveals Limited Mental Health Insurance Awareness

A recent survey conducted during Mental Health Awareness Month by Sukoon Health in India has brought to light crucial insights into the state of mental health awareness, perceptions, and experiences in the country. While there is a significant shift with 70% of respondents recognizing the urgent need for mental health care, there remain substantial knowledge gaps regarding various mental health conditions.

Limited Knowledge Persists: The survey identified that a considerable portion of respondents had limited to no knowledge about mental health conditions such as Alcohol & Drugs Addiction, bipolar disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia, Severe Anxiety, and Severe Depression. These findings underscore the need for enhanced mental health education in India to create a more informed and supportive society.

Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders: Approximately 24% of respondents reported that either they or someone they knew had experienced a serious mental health disorder. This highlights the widespread impact of mental health conditions in Indian society and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing mental health on a societal level.

The Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment: Around 29% of participants acknowledged the necessity of proper diagnosis and treatment for mental health conditions, indicating a growing understanding of the importance of mental health care and the need for support and intervention. A notable 33% actively seek treatment from therapists or counselors for serious mental health conditions.

Diverse Treatment Experiences: Respondents reported a range of experiences with mental health care, with 17% having very positive outcomes and 15% facing very negative experiences. This underscores the need for tailored and person-centered approaches to mental health care.

Barriers to Seeking Treatment: Significant barriers to accessing mental health treatment included enduring stigma and fear of discrimination, lack of awareness, and financial constraints. Addressing these barriers is crucial for creating a more inclusive and supportive mental health ecosystem in India.

Insurance Awareness Gap: One pressing issue highlighted by the survey is that 82% of respondents were unaware that insurance can cover the costs of mental health treatment. This substantial lack of awareness underscores the need for widespread education on available resources and support for mental health treatment.

In conclusion, the survey reveals a growing awareness of mental health importance in India, accompanied by the need for comprehensive education, reduced stigma, and improved access to mental health care. Bridging the awareness and treatment gap is essential for the well-being of individuals in India, and organizations like Sukoon Health are committed to making a difference through personalized care and awareness efforts.


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