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Investor’s Remarkable Gains: ₹25 Crore in 90 Days

Ashish Kacholia, a prominent figure in the Indian investment landscape, has demonstrated his prowess with an exceptional feat. Within just three months, he reportedly earned a staggering ₹25 crore through a small-cap stock investment. Kacholia, whose estimated net worth exceeds ₹2000 crore, continues to make headlines for his remarkable investment strategies.

Balancing the Portfolio with Balu Forge

Kacholia’s latest triumph is attributed to his investment in Balu Forge, a small-cap company. He acquired a 2.16 percent stake, consisting of 21,65,500 shares, in the company at ₹115.45 per share. Currently, the share price has surged to ₹230.45, effectively multiplying his investment by approximately 700 percent in just three months. The total value of his holdings in Balu Forge has now reached ₹49.9 crore, as reported by ET Now. Balu Forge, founded in 1990 in Belgaum, specializes in manufacturing crankshafts for vehicles.

A Win with Bharat Bijlee

In addition to his success with Balu Forge, Kacholia has achieved another significant win in the stock market. His investment in Bharat Bijlee, which he made over three-and-a-half years ago at ₹498 per share, is now trading at ₹3850 per share, reflecting an impressive 700 percent return on investment. This remarkable journey of growth in Bharat Bijlee’s stock price demonstrates Kacholia’s acumen as an investor.

Continued Success

Kacholia’s investment prowess is further underscored by the fact that Bharat Bijlee has seen a 60 percent return to its shareholders over the past year, with its stock price rising from ₹2400 to ₹3850 per share. Over the past two years, the stock has also witnessed substantial growth, climbing from ₹1335 to ₹3850 per share. Ashish Kacholia’s investment journey continues to serve as an inspiration in the world of finance and stock markets.


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