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Delay Expected for Implementation of Women’s Reservation Bill Until After 2029

The Women’s Reservation Bill, which proposes a 33% reservation for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies, has garnered attention recently due to the Union Cabinet clearing it. However, reports suggest that its implementation may be delayed.

Expected Implementation Timeline

According to a source cited in The Indian Express, the Women’s Reservation Bill is likely to be implemented only after the delimitation process is complete, which might not occur until 2026. The final rollout may even extend to 2029.

Historical Context

The Constitution 108th Amendment Bill, 2008, aimed to reserve one-third of seats in Parliament and state legislative assemblies for women. Its roots trace back to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s introduction of a similar bill in 1989. However, it faced numerous hurdles and lapses over the years.

Challenges and Opposition

While many parties support women’s reservation, some, like the Samajwadi Party and the RJD, seek “quota within the quota,” advocating for caste and community-based quotas within the proposed 33% reservation.


The Women’s Reservation Bill’s potential implementation is generating discussion, but its rollout could be delayed until after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, with final execution possibly extending to 2029. This bill represents a significant step towards gender equality in Indian politics, but it faces complexities and opposition that need to be addressed before becoming law.


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