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India Ranks Fourth Globally in Startups Raising $50 Mn or More in Funding

India has secured the fourth position worldwide in the number of startups that have successfully raised over $50 million in funding, as per Startup Genome’s Scaleup Report. This report highlights the growing prominence of India’s startup ecosystem on the global stage.

India’s Impressive Standing

Among the 12,400 startups globally that have achieved this funding milestone, India boasts 429 such startups. This achievement signifies the remarkable growth and investment potential of the Indian startup landscape.

Global Rankings

While India secured the fourth spot, the United States leads the pack with 7,184 startups surpassing the $50 million funding mark. China stands in second place with 1,491 startups, and the United Kingdom follows in third place with 623 startups achieving this milestone.

Total Funding Raised

India further solidified its position by clinching the third spot in terms of the total capital raised by these startups. The 429 Indian startups have collectively raised an impressive $127 billion in funding, highlighting the substantial financial backing and investor confidence in the country’s startup ventures.


India’s ascent to the fourth position globally in terms of startups raising substantial funding underscores its emergence as a prominent player in the global startup ecosystem. This recognition reflects the country’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and attractiveness to investors, boding well for the continued growth of India’s startup sector.


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