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Pune Pharmacy Owner Duped of Rs 30 Lakh in Fake British-Era Gold Coin Scam

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A pharmacy owner in Pune fell victim to a scam in which he was defrauded of Rs 30 lakh by fraudsters who claimed to have discovered antique gold coins with Victorian mint marks during road construction in Goa. Two men and a woman have been apprehended by the Maharashtra police in Pune, accused of deceiving the shop owner by offering a bag of purported British-era gold coins.

Scammers Gain Trust and Deceive

The suspects initially gained the shop owner’s trust by presenting him with a genuine coin marked with a Victorian mint. They then offered to sell him 16 kilograms of brass coins with a gold polish, claiming they had unearthed them during construction work in Goa. The fraudulent exchange took place in February, and an FIR was filed based on the complaint of the 55-year-old pharmacy owner.

The Elaborate Scam

The scam began when one of the fraudsters befriended the shop owner and convinced him that a treasure trove of gold coins from the British era had been discovered during road construction in Goa. The suspects offered to sell the coins for Rs 50 lakh, and the deal was finalized for 16 kilograms of coins in exchange for Rs 30 lakh. To gain the shop owner’s trust, the suspects presented a genuine coin as a sample. However, all the coins in the bag turned out to be counterfeit, made of brass or similar metals with a gold-colored polish.

Ongoing Investigation

The fraudsters fled after the exchange, and the shop owner realized the coins were fake. He sought police assistance to file a formal complaint. The police are actively investigating the case and attempting to trace the fraudsters. They also aim to determine how the counterfeit coins acquired Victorian mint marks.

Public Vigilance

The police emphasize the importance of public vigilance and urge individuals not to fall for such scams. If encountered with suspicious offers, the public is encouraged to report them to the authorities promptly.


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