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BCI International Lawyer’s Conference: Attorney General Calls for Debate on Social Media’s Impact on Justice Delivery

The Attorney General for India, R Venkataramani, has emphasized the need for a robust dialogue on the influence of social media on the justice delivery system. Speaking at the Bar Council of India’s International Lawyers’ Conference, Venkataramani acknowledged the global reach and connectivity of social media while cautioning against its potential to distort ethical and moral standards. He stressed that social media, at times, serves partisan interests and called for a thoughtful examination of its role in preserving objectivity within the justice system.

Global Law and Intellectual Property

Venkataramani also highlighted the importance of global law and the equitable incentivization of intellectual property creations. He urged the legal community to engage in discussions surrounding challenges arising from artificial intelligence and the competition for power in the modern world.

Digitization and Access to Justice

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta discussed India’s progress in the last decade, citing significant statutory developments and policy initiatives. He emphasized the transformative impact of digitization on India’s judiciary, enabling transparent access to court documents and proceedings. Mehta commended the translation of Supreme Court judgments into vernacular languages as a remarkable achievement.

Government Initiatives and Legal Fraternity

Union Minister of State for Law, Arjun Ram Meghwal, highlighted government efforts to strengthen alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and commercial dispute resolution. He praised the Tele-Law initiative and the ecourts platform for enhancing access to justice. Meghwal also noted the government’s support for improving infrastructure in lower courts.

Bar Council of India’s Initiatives

Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman of the Bar Council of India, emphasized the need for more judges to address case backlogs. He highlighted the strength of India’s legal fraternity and its support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mishra called for a central law to protect lawyers and their families and shared ongoing efforts to promote legal education in regional languages.


The International Lawyers’ Conference provided a platform for legal luminaries to discuss critical issues, including the impact of social media, digitization’s role in access to justice, and the legal fraternity’s contributions to India’s evolving legal landscape. The conference underscored the importance of open dialogue and collaboration within the legal community to address contemporary challenges effectively.


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