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Zomato Introduces New Feature Allowing Customers to Tip Kitchen Staff

Zomato, the renowned foodtech giant, is expanding its array of features and services with the introduction of a novel capability. This feature enables customers to express their appreciation to the kitchen staff of the restaurants from which they have ordered food. With a focus on enhancing the overall food ordering and delivery experience, Zomato is fostering a sense of recognition and gratitude towards the individuals who work behind the scenes.

How the Feature Works

Upon receiving their food order, Zomato customers who rate their experience with four or five stars will be prompted to consider tipping the restaurant’s kitchen staff. This option allows customers to contribute an amount as a token of appreciation. The tip can either be a percentage of the total order value or a custom amount within specified limits.

Distribution of Tips

Zomato’s responsibility doesn’t end with collecting tips from customers. After deducting any applicable taxes, the platform will ensure that the tips are remitted to the respective restaurants. This approach puts the onus on the restaurants to fairly distribute the tips among their kitchen staff.

Enhancing the Food Ordering Experience

The introduction of this feature aligns with Zomato’s continuous efforts to enrich the food ordering and delivery experience for both customers and restaurant partners. By acknowledging the often-unseen efforts of chefs, cleaning staff, and helpers, Zomato aims to foster a sense of appreciation within the culinary ecosystem.


Zomato’s latest feature, allowing customers to tip kitchen staff, reflects the platform’s commitment to improving the food delivery experience. By enabling customers to express their gratitude and recognition for the hardworking individuals behind the scenes, Zomato aims to strengthen the bond between customers and restaurants.


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