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Rajasthan Election 2023: Election Commission Launches Voter Helpline App and Live Webcasting in Polling Booths

In preparation for the upcoming Assembly Elections in 2023, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has introduced innovative measures to enhance transparency and accessibility for voters in Rajasthan. These measures include live webcasting in over 50% of polling booths and the launch of a voter helpline app.

Live Webcasting for Transparency The ECI organized a workshop in Jaipur to inform political parties and voters about the latest orders and circulars issued by the commission. Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta addressed political parties and discussed strategies for the elections. One of the significant announcements made during the workshop was the implementation of live webcasting in polling stations. This initiative aims to ensure transparency during the elections and facilitate monitoring of the voting process by the Election Commission.

Voter Helpline App To empower voters with information and facilitate their participation in the electoral process, the ECI has introduced a voter helpline app. This app will provide voters with essential election-related information, including polling timings, name additions, and amendments, via SMS on their registered mobile phones. Additionally, voters can download the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) for more election-related information.

Promoting Voter Awareness The workshop also highlighted the success of the voter helpline number, which proved effective during the Karnataka elections, with nearly 12,121 calls received from voters seeking information about elections. The ECI will provide political parties with information on election expenses, Model Code of Conduct (MCC), media certification and monitoring committees (MCMC), fake news, electoral lists, home voting, and various IT apps designed to support the electoral process.

Innovations and Grievance Redressal The Election Department in Rajasthan has made innovative changes to the Model Code of Conduct, Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) program, and Grievance Redressal Portal. Voters can now use the C-Vigil app to file complaints regarding violations of the Model Code of Conduct by uploading videos, audio recordings, or photos as evidence. Additionally, voters can easily check their voter registration status by scanning the barcode or QR code for election-related information.

These initiatives aim to enhance the electoral experience for voters in Rajasthan and promote transparency and accessibility in the democratic process.


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