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How UPI Lite X differs from UPI and UPI Lite NPCI apps and offers offline digital payments

UPI, also known as Unified Payment Interface, is a source of national pride, with other countries always admiring it. With many more to follow, it recently passed the milestone of 10 billion transactions.

The RBI governor has introduced UPI Lite X, a new feature that makes it even simpler by enabling users to send and receive money “offline” or without internet connectivity. During the Global Fintech Fest 2023, Shaktikanta Das, the head of the RBI, demonstrated this feature.

Building on the popularity of the UPI LITE function, the RBI Governor launched UPI LITE X for Offline payments, according to a release from NPCI. Users can now initiate and complete transactions even in places with poor connectivity thanks to this functionality, which allows users to send and receive money totally offline. Later in the text, it is made clear that using NFC is necessary for offline transactions.

Describe UPI Lite X

Users using UPI Lite X can conduct transactions even in regions without internet access, such as underground stations and outlying areas. When the internet is down, this might be quite helpful for sending and receiving money, allowing for offline transactions.

What distinguishes ‘UPI Lite X’ from ‘UPI, UPI Lite’?

Compared to standard UPI and UPI Lite, UPI Lite X is unique. You can transfer money between bank accounts whenever you want, anywhere, using normal UPI. UPI Lite, on the other hand, is for tiny payments.

But UPI Lite X demands that the sender and receiver be in close proximity. With no precise transaction limit yet stated, it functions offline utilizing NFC and is similar to a handshake between two devices. While there are still some unanswered questions, NPCI will probably shortly reveal all the information.

The UPI is still the preferred method of payment, followed by UPI Lite. To improve payment communications in every way, UPI Lite X will put a special emphasis on rural areas.


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