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Madras High Court Advocates’ Association Condemns Conduct of CAT Judicial Member

The Madras High Court Advocates’ Association (MHAA) has passed a resolution condemning the conduct of Lata Basavaraj Patne, a Judicial Member and Head of the Department of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Chennai bench. This action was taken after Patne asked a senior member of the Bar, advocate R Sankarasubbu, to “get out” of her courtroom during a hearing.

Condemnation of Conduct

In the resolution issued on September 22, the MHAA expressed its strong disapproval of Patne’s behavior during a court proceeding. Such conduct, the Association asserted, is inappropriate for a judicial member and lacks the decorum expected in a courtroom. The resolution was endorsed by 230 MHAA members.

Demand for Transfer

MHAA’s resolution also announced its intention to send a formal representation to the CAT chairperson and the Union government, requesting the transfer of Lata Basavaraj Patne out of Chennai. The members cited concerns about Patne’s impartiality and expressed dissatisfaction with her recent behavior toward lawyers from Chennai.


The MHAA members observed that Patne’s conduct toward lawyers in Chennai seemed to change notably after the Association filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Madras High Court. The PIL highlighted the delay in issuing order copies for approximately 150 cases heard at the Chennai bench of CAT between January and April of the current year.

During the hearing on September 22, when advocate R Sankarasubbu requested Patne to schedule a case in which he was representing a client before another bench, she responded by instructing him to leave her courtroom. Patne advised the lawyers to send a letter to the registry for the reassignment of their cases to a different bench.


The MHAA’s resolution condemning the conduct of Judicial Member Lata Basavaraj Patne underscores the importance of maintaining decorum and impartiality in the legal profession. It also highlights the association’s commitment to upholding professional standards and ethics in the practice of law within the jurisdiction of the Madras High Court.


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