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FSSAI to Tighten Regulations on Protein Supplements

Government Readies Itself for Crackdown on Protein Supplement Business
New Delhi: New Delhi is getting ready to launch a massive operation against protein supplements, powders, and shakes that have not been endorsed by a doctor or contain misleading labels. This action was made right after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) conducted a study that showed that most companies in this industry were involved in one or the other unlawful activities.

A study shows that mislabeling and false claims are rife
It was witnessed in the FSSAI’s research that many protein supplements in the market, supermarkets, gymnasiums, and online markets are filled with fake and misleading labels. They tend to make exaggerated claims on the efficacy of these products, provide misleading information on the contents of the products, and lack proper information on the nutritional value of these products, posing a danger to the consumers.

New Regulations to Protect the Consumers
As a result of such discoveries, FSSAI plans to implement even tighter measures that would help protect the consumers and also help prevent the circulation of fake food products. These regulations will require that all protein supplements be tested, and certified before they are placed in the market. Also, labeling requirements will be made clearer to ensure that companies do not give the public half-truths about their products.

Effect on the Protein Supplement Market
It has been predicted that the following regulations will greatly affect the protein supplement market. Manufacturers will need to adhere to the new standards and this will require changes such as changing the chemical composition of the products, getting the right certifications, and changing the labels to reflect the right information. This is expected to enhance the quality and reliability of protein supplements in the market for consumers.

Ensuring Compliance and Enforcement
Hence, to enforce the regulation, FSSAI will enhance its monitoring and checks in different outlets, including shops, gyms, and the Internet. Sanctions for non-compliance will be severe to ensure that manufacturers and sellers do not continue deceiving consumers. This preventive measure demonstrates the government’s seriousness in the protection of the health of consumers and the fight against the proliferation of substandard food supplements in the market.


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