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Government Launches MSME Survey on Industry 4.0 Adoption Challenges

The main barriers to MSME technology adoption are Requests for Proposals for Solutions.

The Telecom Centre of Excellence India (TCoE), an establishment under the Department of Telecom, has invited various startups and firms to execute a key survey regarding the hurdles of MSMEs in adapting to Industry 4. 0 technologies. Titled “Industry 4. 0 Baseline Survey Among MSMEs: The initiative would be referred to as “Enabling Digital Transition for 5G Technologies,” and it would analyze the reputation impact of the MSME sector on digital transition through 5G technologies.

MSMEs – The Importance of a Strong 5G and 6G Framework

It is essential to note that the survey aims at creating a sustainable ecosystem that capitalizes on the potential of 5G and 6G networks; the study seeks to assess at least ten distinct sectors to determine their needs. It will also map a range of opportunities and challenges within the MSME sector to identify areas for intervention to support innovation and improve competitiveness. The effort will lead to creating a “cyber-physical system” identifying suitable Sensors with the help of 5G/6G technologies resulting in sustainable development in several economic sectors.

The Role And Purpose Of Poll

The selected company or startup will be solely in charge of designing the survey, data gathering, processing, compiling, reporting, and providing key policy implications for a period of 90 days. Therefore, technology is significant in the advancement of MSMEs since its adoption is necessary; however, awareness and cost remain some of the hurdles.

Mitigating awareness and cost factors

Specifically, according to a 2023 GoDaddy survey, the reasons for not utilizing these solutions in operations were that 50% of the organizations remained unaware of what was available, 45% did not comprehend the advantages, 43% were concerned about the expenses, and 29% had no time for the tasks. To tackle these challenges, TCoE has embarked on an initiative to help MSMEs embrace a digital revolution to improve their competitiveness.


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