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Label Padhega India: Enhancing Consumer Awareness

Mumbai: The ‘Label Padhega India’ campaign is a significant step to enhance consumer awareness and activism in India. It raises some of the most pertinent concerns in product labeling, including noncompliance with the law, language barriers, confusion, deceptive claims, inconsistent guidelines, poor print quality, lack of clarity, weak implementation, and foreign products that do not meet Indian standards.

Opportunities and SWOT Analysis

Harish Bijoor, a brand strategy specialist, opined that ‘Label Padhega India’ has the potential to be the second largest consumer campaign in India after ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago’. However, this means that it needs to have a good digital marketing plan in place. “If the campaign is not trending and does not impact the consumer’s buying decision, companies will not bother to pay attention to it,” Bijoor added. This is because, in the case of influencers, the latter has to actively push the campaign across different media channels to create the necessary buzz.

Addressing Labelling Challenges

The campaign is meant to ensure that there is accurate information on the labels of products that are produced in the market. Nevertheless, products that are aimed at delicate consumer niches, including children, can be examined more thoroughly. However, the broader market is still a problem that leads to consumer confusion and possible health risks. The show ‘Label Padhega India’ is an attempt to make the consumers aware and make them read labels themselves so that they become a more conscious lot.


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