You are currently viewing MSME Ministry Empowers Development Offices to Expedite Udyam-Related Resolutions

MSME Ministry Empowers Development Offices to Expedite Udyam-Related Resolutions

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has delegated authority to its development and facilitation offices (DFOs) in state capitals and industrial hubs for prompt redressal of Udyam-related issues. This initiative aims to swiftly address grievances, discrepancies, and complaints regarding updating requests, as well as to act promptly on recommendations from the Directorate of Industries for Udyam Registration Certificate cancellations or amendments, all within a 48-hour timeframe.

DFO Responsibilities: The DFOs, positioned in 32 state capitals and other industrial cities, are now entrusted with crucial tasks such as aiding prospective and existing entrepreneurs, conducting industrial potential surveys, and implementing various developmental schemes. Their roles encompass managing state industrial profiles, organizing entrepreneurship development and skill development programs, and coordinating with state government departments.

Online Portal and Cancellations: The existing Udyam portal facilitates online modifications and cancellations for MSMEs. Notably, by December 8, 2023, 32,298 MSMEs had canceled their Udyam registration, citing business shutdowns since the portal’s inception in July 2020. The minister revealed that 12,611 units canceled registrations in the current fiscal year alone, nearing the count from FY23.

Current Udyam Landscape: As of the latest update, 3.47 crore businesses are registered on the Udyam portal, involving 3.40 crore micro units, 5.95 lakh small enterprises, and 54,790 medium units, collectively providing employment to 16.45 crore individuals. This underscores the portal’s significant role in the MSME sector’s registration and regulatory processes.


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