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Government eMarketplace (GeM): Services Procurement Soars, MSMEs Thrive

The Government eMarketplace (GeM) has witnessed a remarkable surge in services procurement, reflecting an impressive 7.7x growth in transaction value from FY21 to FY23. The commerce ministry reports a substantial increase, with the transaction value soaring from Rs 8,505 crore in FY21 to an impressive Rs 65,957 crore in FY23. This surge has significantly elevated the overall contribution to GeM Gross Merchandise Value, accounting for nearly 47% in the current financial year compared to 23% in FY21-22.

Diverse Service Contracts:

Among the diverse array of services procured, hiring manpower services took the lead, with around 40,000 contracts placed in FY23, accumulating a total contract value exceeding Rs 14,000 crore. Similarly, vehicle hiring services saw 30,000 contracts with a contract value surpassing Rs 2,900 crore during the same fiscal year.

Strategic Orders:

Notable entities such as Coal India and the Gujarat government have played a significant role in this surge. Coal India alone placed approximately 175 orders valued at Rs 24,558 crore for handling, transport, and other mining activities. The Gujarat government, in alignment with Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, secured group mediclaim insurance services worth Rs 2,302 crore, extending health coverage to nearly 62 lakh families.

Diverse Service Categories on GeM:

GeM, with its 311 service categories, has become a hub for various services, ranging from chartered aircraft and air international logistics to drone services for surveying and aerial mapping. High-value service bids, including the hiring, operations, and management of ATMs, energy audit services, and GIS surveys with drone mapping, showcase the platform’s versatility and expansive reach in facilitating diverse procurement needs.


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