You are currently viewing Record-Breaking Compliance: Over 30 Lakh Audit Reports Submitted on Income Tax Department Portal

Record-Breaking Compliance: Over 30 Lakh Audit Reports Submitted on Income Tax Department Portal

In a remarkable display of timely compliance, the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal witnessed the submission of more than 30 lakh audit reports (TAR) by the September 30 deadline. The tax authority of India expressed gratitude to both taxpayers and tax experts for their prompt cooperation in meeting this crucial requirement.

Robust Outreach Initiatives for Awareness

The Income Tax Department undertook substantial outreach programs, utilizing mediums such as e-mails, SMSs, and social media, to engage with taxpayers. Over 55.4 lakh outreach activities were conducted to create awareness and stress the importance of filing Tax Audit Reports and other audit forms within the stipulated time frame.

User-Friendly E-Filing System Ensures Seamless Experience

The e-filing system, a cornerstone in this massive filing endeavor, admirably handled the substantial traffic. It provided taxpayers and tax professionals with a seamless experience, facilitating the submission of audit reports in a timely manner.

Proactive Helpdesk Support

During the critical month of September 2023, the e-filing helpdesk team played a pivotal role in assisting taxpayers and tax professionals. Handling approximately 2.36 lakh queries, the team demonstrated proactive support, addressing concerns and ensuring a smooth filing experience.

Conclusion: Collaborative Success in Meeting Deadlines

The collaborative efforts between taxpayers, tax professionals, and the Income Tax Department have resulted in a record-breaking number of audit reports being filed. This success highlights the effectiveness of outreach initiatives, the user-friendly e-filing system, and the dedicated support provided by the helpdesk. The adherence to deadlines reflects a commitment to regulatory compliance and financial transparency.


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