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Promoting Women’s Participation in the Judiciary: President Droupadi Murmu’s Advocacy

President Droupadi Murmu of India has emphasized the crucial role of women in the judiciary and called for increased participation. She noted that women’s representation in the Supreme Court stood at approximately 9 percent, with High Courts at about 14 percent, underlining the need for greater inclusion.

Empowering Women: A Key to Inclusive India

Addressing the foundation stone ceremony for the Annexe building of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, President Murmu stressed the significance of women’s empowerment in building an inclusive India. She celebrated the recent passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament, which reserves 33 percent of seats for women in Central and State Parliaments.

President Murmu highlighted the unique qualities women bring, emphasizing their innate sense of innovation. She stated that increasing the number of women judges would enhance the effectiveness of the justice delivery system.

Historical Legal Milestones

In her speech, President Murmu recalled the ADM Jabalpur case, where the Jabalpur High Court initially ruled in favor of safeguarding the right to life and personal liberty. The Supreme Court later overruled this decision in 1976 but reinstated the fundamental rights principles in 2017.

Call for Accessible and Speedy Justice

President Murmu acknowledged the challenges faced by the judiciary, including a large number of pending cases and undertrial prisoners. She urged all involved in the judiciary to strive for providing simple, accessible, and prompt justice to the public, emphasizing the need for judicial reforms to address these issues.


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