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Bar Council of India (BCI) to Revolutionize Legal Education: Justice MR Shah

Justice MR Shah, former Supreme Court judge and head of the Bar Council of India’s (BCI) Legal Education Committee, has announced plans to bring about radical changes in India’s legal education system. The move is driven by the need for Indian lawyers to compete effectively with foreign law firms, necessitating a transformation in curriculum and teaching methods.

Adapting to Global Competition

Justice Shah emphasized that Indian lawyers are now in direct competition with their counterparts in foreign law firms. To prepare law graduates for this global challenge, the BCI aims to propose significant changes in the legal education landscape.

Proposed Changes

The BCI’s Legal Education Committee will recommend changes in the curriculum and teaching methodologies to ensure that Indian law schools impart not only traditional subjects like the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), Indian Penal Code (IPC), and Civil Procedure Code (CPC) but also contemporary subjects such as commercial law. The emphasis will shift from quantitative to qualitative legal education, with a focus on teaching students how to argue effectively in virtual courts.

Quality Legal Education

Justice Shah stressed that institutions have a responsibility to provide quality legal education, and change is imperative to meet evolving needs. He lamented the declining respect for legal professionals and highlighted the importance of restoring the prestige associated with the legal profession.


The BCI’s commitment to improving legal education and preparing lawyers for global competition is evident in its pursuit of radical changes in curriculum and teaching methods. These changes will equip law graduates to excel in the dynamic and competitive legal landscape, both domestically and internationally.


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