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Karnataka HC Suggests Reasoned Twitter Takedown Orders to Prevent Unnecessary Publicity

The Karnataka High Court has offered insights into the ongoing dispute between the Indian government and social media platform X (formerly Twitter) regarding content takedown orders. The court noted that issuing reasoned takedown orders could have avoided the unnecessary publicity and legal battles surrounding the issue.

Reasoned Takedown Orders Requested

The counsel representing X Corporation, Sajan Poovayya, pointed out that the takedown orders issued by the government lacked clear reasons. In response, they sought directions from the court to compel the Centre to provide reasons for these orders. This request underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in content removal decisions.

Avoiding Unnecessary Publicity

Justice Narendar, one of the presiding judges, suggested that an “in-house” decision by the government could have prevented the situation from gaining unwarranted attention and publicity. He emphasized the potential for amicable resolution outside of the courtroom.

Background of the Case

The Karnataka High Court was hearing an appeal filed by X against the government’s takedown orders issued in 2021 and 2022. These orders aimed to block specific accounts and tweets on the platform. The case highlights the ongoing challenges surrounding content moderation and government intervention on social media platforms in India.


The Karnataka High Court’s observations underline the need for transparency and clear reasoning in content takedown orders. By providing well-reasoned decisions, the government could potentially prevent unnecessary legal battles and public attention in similar cases. This development reflects the broader discussions around content moderation and freedom of expression on digital platforms.


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