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G20 Summit in India: Global Insights and Delhi Declaration in the Spotlight

Global Gathering in Delhi India is preparing to host the largest-ever G20 summit, set to be a momentous event with 41 delegations and leaders in attendance. The summit will span one and a half days, featuring three pivotal sessions.

  1. “One Earth” (September 9, Morning): The first session emphasizes environmental concerns.
  2. “One Family” (September 9, Evening): The second session focuses on global solidarity.
  3. “One Future” (September 10, Morning): The third session outlines future strategies.

The Delhi Declaration: A Voice for the Global South Before the summit kicks off, the spotlight is on the “Delhi Declaration,” nearly finalized and set to be a distinctive representation of the Global South and developing nations’ voices. This declaration aims to convey the thoughts and concerns of countries in the growth and development phase.

Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 sherpa, emphasized its significance, stating that it would be unparalleled in representing the Global South and developing nations. However, the declaration remains subject to leaders’ approval before becoming official.

India’s G20 Presidency: Inclusivity and Action India’s G20 presidency, initiated in Bali, came at a time of global economic challenges marked by slow growth and productivity. Under the theme of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family), Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated for inclusivity, decisiveness, ambition, and action.

The key priorities during India’s presidency were sustainable development goals (SDGs) and climate action. SDGs encompass a global to-do list, including poverty eradication and environmental protection, while climate action involves addressing pollution and global warming. India aimed to lead in “Green Development” and climate finance to accelerate progress towards these goals, especially in developing nations.

The Upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit Scheduled for September 9-10, the G20 Leaders’ Summit will convene over 30 heads of state, along with top EU officials, invited guest nations, and leaders from international organizations. This summit provides a platform for global leaders to discuss critical issues.

While past disagreements, particularly regarding topics like war’s impact on food and energy, have arisen, this summit offers an opportunity for collective action on pressing global challenges.

Delhi has heightened security measures for the event, including travel restrictions, underscoring the significance of this global gathering.


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