You are currently viewing World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue Unveiled at Bharat Mandapam During G20 Summit in Delhi

World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue Unveiled at Bharat Mandapam During G20 Summit in Delhi

Remarkable Achievement in Ashtadhatu Sculpture

The G20 Summit in Delhi witnessed the unveiling of the world’s tallest Nataraja statue at Bharat Mandapam. This extraordinary sculpture stands at an impressive height of 27 feet and weighs a substantial 18 tons, marking it as a remarkable achievement as the tallest ever crafted from Ashtadhatu.

Artistry by Renowned Sculptor Radhakrishnan Sthapaty

Renowned artist Radhakrishnan Sthapaty from Swami Malai in Tamil Nadu, along with his team, skillfully sculpted this magnificent statue in a mere seven months. Prime Minister Modi expressed his appreciation, stating, “The splendid Nataraja statue at Bharat Mandapam vividly embodies facets of our rich history and culture. As the world converges for the G20 summit, it will serve as a symbol of India’s enduring artistic traditions and heritage.”

Unique Features of the Nataraja Statue

Let’s explore the distinctive features of the Nataraja Statue installed at Bharat Mandapam:

Historic Height and Weight: Standing at a towering 27 feet and weighing an impressive 18 tons, this statue is an unparalleled achievement in Ashtadhatu sculpture.

Legacy of the Radhakrishnan Family: Craftsmanship has been a part of the Radhakrishnan family’s heritage for 34 generations, dating back to the Chola Empire.

Symbolism of Nataraja: The Nataraja statue symbolizes profound concepts of cosmic energy, creativity, and power, making it a captivating centerpiece at the G20 summit.

Collaboration with Ministry of Culture: This remarkable endeavor was undertaken by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with IGNCA.

Dynamic Dance Posture: The statue portrays Lord Shiva in the dynamic dance posture called tandava, radiating energy and vitality.

Materials Used: Crafted from a blend of eight metals, including copper (87%), zinc (10%), lead (3%), with trace amounts of tin, silver, gold, and even a minute quantity of mercury. Iron serves as the structural support material for the statue.


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