You are currently viewing Foreign delegates who used UPI for transactions in the nation said it was a “great experience.”

Foreign delegates who used UPI for transactions in the nation said it was a “great experience.”

A total of 1,000 foreign delegations received practical UPI demonstrations from the central government.
Foreign delegates who came to India ahead of the G20 meeting praised the initiative and reported having a “great” experience using the Unified Payments Interface technology after having the chance to do so. “I have been using the G20 UPI application…has been great,” one of the participants stated. On Monday afternoon, I was able to complete my first transaction. Made a transaction in some small stores… Actually, we were purchasing Coca-Cola, candy, and medicine, and it was great. Using the UPI network has been a truly wonderful experience for me as someone who is from overseas.

Another participant said, “I’ve never used the UPI network before. I’ve traveled to India a few times, but I’ve always been restricted to using cash and credit cards.

The government highlighted the nation’s digital public goods and its ‘Digital India’ project in light of India’s G20 Presidency. In support of this, the central government provided about 1,000 foreign delegates attending the event with hands-on demonstrations. These demonstrations highlighted the UPI wallet technology and showed how simple it is to make payments utilizing this domestic option.

According to a government official who spoke to ANI previously, “Foreign delegates or participants will be given 500-1,000 in their UPI wallets for doing UPI transactions.” The official added that it has budgeted roughly 10 lakhs for it.

For retail digital payments, the UPI payment system has grown wildly popular in the nation and is being adopted at an accelerated rate. In August, the number of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transactions surpassed 10 billion. Drumroll, please! The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has previously posted on X. With an astounding 10 billion or more transactions, UPI has recently broken records. Join us as we commemorate this amazing accomplishment and the potential of digital payments. Let’s maintain the momentum and continue to transform how we do transactions via UPI.


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